SOS Children’s Villages – Hotel Check-out Programme

An estimated 220 million children worldwide are growing up without the care they need. In Hungary, over 23,000 children live in state care. SOS Children’s Villages have been working for 35 years in several Hungarian cities to protect and care for children who have lost their parental care or are at risk of losing it to find a safe and loving home in foster families and to support families in need with many programmes to prevent family breakdown.  What is really special about Children’s Villages is that siblings are not separated, which significantly facilitates the integration of children with severe traumas as in most cases it is their only family relationship that survives. Special education and developer teachers, psychologists and other experts collaborate with foster parents to help children recover and catch up.

The representatives of the organization presented their hotel check-out programme at 2019 BookDirect MeetUp. Hotel guests are informed by receptionists upon check-out that a €1 (or the equivalent in local currency) donation has been automatically added to their hotel bill, so they can decide to settle it with the bill or have it removed. Hotels can choose to skip the automated solution and put the donation on the room bill only with the guests’ consent.

The donation is VAT exempt and hotels’ corporate tax base can be reduced by 20% of the donation amount. In addition, the partnership gives hotels exceptional communication and marketing opportunities on websites, in social media and on-site.

In recent years, several hotels have joined the check-out programme and, according to feedbacks, 98% of the guests considered donation a positive and uplifting experience.

RESnWEB online booking system also shares SOS Children’s Villages values and is committed to helping reach their noble goals. The donation option appears as an extra service on the participating hotels’ booking platform with a pre-designed text and image so guests can easily select and add it to their online reservation.

May you select any of the solutions above as a partner hotel, you improve the lives and create opportunities and a brighter and more loving present and future of the 400 children and young people of SOS Children’s Villages in Hungary without any extra cost. Depending on their choice, besides guest contribution, hotels can also donate but it is optional.

Contact us for more information via phone at +36 88 783 704 and via email or contact Csilla Mormer on the behalf of SOS Children’s Villages Hungary at +36 1 301 3168 or via email.


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