Online Proposal Sending Add-on

Automated, fast and easy proposal sending

Hotels get large amounts of requests for proposals via email and on phone every day and guests want quick answers, however, managing these requests require a lot of time. Simplify and perfect your hotel’s email proposal sending and tracking with RESnWEB.

Fast and fail-safe

Online proposals with guaranteed fail-safe price calculation in just a few clicks.

Intelligent and proactive

Smart request for proposal form with customizable design seamlessly built in your hotel’s website.

Automated follow-up

Custom-set, automated follow-up email sending to clients who have not answered your proposals yet.

Personalized emails

Visually enhanced, enticing, responsive proposal emails personalized for target groups.

Actual availability, rates

Real-time database connection, proposal emails with moment-of-open, actual availability and room rates.

Meaningful statistics

Detailed statistics on sent and booked proposals and useful feedback on declined proposals.

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We take away your proposal sending troubles.