Online Hotel Booking Engine


With RESnWEB your property will have a real-time online direct distribution channel that is absolutely essential for hotels nowadays as more than 65% of travellers are ready to book travels and accommodation online.

Having more direct reservations, you can decrease the commission paid to online travel agents with almost 80%, since 2 out of 3 OTA accommodation seekers visit the desired hotel’s own web page and RESnWEB helps to keep them there to book direct.

Smart booking platform

Visually enhanced and responsive online booking platform dictating future technology and design trends to entice visitors.

User-friendly admin

Responsive administrative interface in English and Hungarian provides easy and quick solutions to set up and manage rates and availability.

Comprehensive support

The adept hoteliers and creative IT experts of our customer service help you to their best to maximize your online direct bookings.

Instant price calculation

Instant, 24/7 price calculation and hotel booking for your guests – and for your colleagues.

Promotions and packages

Besides daily rates, unlimited number of packages and promotions, various supplements, and extra night rates.

Flexible children rates

Add complex children rates and discount policies flexibly to daily and package rates.

Merchandise extra services

The booking guest’s purchase decision has been made, offer them other services as well to enhance customer experience and maximize revenue.

Effective upselling

Intelligent upsell functionality and efficiency: easy-to-follow and clean presentation of room types and rates with stunning visuals.

Instant confirmation

Customized and automated confirmations instantly after booking saving lots of man-hours and energy for your reservation team.

Automated prepayment pro forma

In case of prepayments guests automatically get a pro forma invoice with the hotel’s bank details, and the amount and due date of the deposit.

Credit card payment

Online credit card payment module (Simple) is also provided on request.

Google Analytics

Monitor guest behaviour and the traffic of the booking platform. See the sum and sources of incoming revenue from reservations.

Simplify and perfect your property’s email proposal sending and follow-up with RESnWEB.

Developed for partner hotels where high guest satisfaction and providing excellent service are of primary importance.

RESnWEB app allows your Facebook fans to check availability, calculate rates and book rooms all on the hotel’s own Facebook fan page.

Endless possibilities

RESnWEB extra modules

We are not resting on our laurels, the online hotel booking engine is just one piece of our puzzle. We are truly dedicated to helping you keep your bookings direct with our supplementary modules as well.
From our beginnings, we have been continuously modernizing and developing our systems with newer and newer functions without extra costs for our clients. In addition, you can count on our professional advice and guidance on hotel online marketing, e-commerce and pricing.

Our aim is

  • to simplify your guests’ direct bookings
  • to smooth and accelerate your and your colleagues’ job
  • and last but not at all least to maximize your direct revenue,
    reduce commission paid to third party sites,
    in short: to boost your profitability

Are you ready for more direct bookings?