Online Guest Satisfaction Survey

Leisure travellers spend an average of 30 minutes
with reading reviews before booking rooms.


Customizable online survey

Get your guests’ feedback with a customizable survey optimized for every device with various types and number of questions and personalized introduction text.

Every review counts

You can ask every guest from direct RESnWEB bookers to those who used other sales channels to share their opinions about their stay to guarantee a true end-to-end experience for everyone.

Multiple language versions

Guests will be happy to express their thoughts on their stay conveniently, even in their mother tongue. Ask them in English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Slovakian, Romanian, and so on.

Simple and clear statistics

Guest ratings and text answers, easy tracking, export function, all on the same admin interface with the booking engine.

Guest reviews on your hotel’s own website

Display regularly and automatically updating guest opinions and ratings on your website easily with our smart guest satisfaction widget.

Direct pays off! Ready to give it a try?