RESnWEB 6.0 with Online Proposal Sending Add-on (video)

We, the designers of RESnWEB have always considered continuous evolution significant so that our partners are able to provide absolutely magnificent booking experience to their bookers and satisfy guests’ needs even before they are expressed. In this spirit, we have developed the RESnWEB Online Proposal Sending Add-on that is a modern, fast, efficient and all-encompassing solution to renew and reform the outdated and time-consuming proposal sending process.

RESnWEB Online Proposal Add-on makes proposal sending easier and simpler with its remarkable features:

  • automated proposal procedures: automated request for proposal form integrated into your accommodation’s website and automated custom follow up email sending to those clients who have not answered your proposals yet
  • online proposals in just a few clicks with optional custom segmentation and message templates and with guaranteed fail-safe price calculation due to RESnWEB online booking system
  • proposal emails with moment-of-open, actual availability and room rates so as the recipient opens the email it shows up-to-date, real time information
  • visually enhanced and engaging custom proposal emails with responsive design that makes your proposals easy to handle and look immaculate on all devices
  • detailed statistics on sent and booked proposals and useful feedback on declined proposals

Besides saving time, energy and money with our new online proposal sending module, you can also impress your requesters and guests from the very first contact with the excellence and swiftness of your proposal emails.