Website development and maintenance

Design, develop, create, analyze, optimize, maintain, assist

At our sister company, CM Design you can find everything you want and need for developing, designing, managing and maintaining your website: ingenious minds, modern software solutions, fast and safe servers.

Project plan

You most likely have a vision of your ideal website already. Now you need our detailed, clear plan of technological solutions to turn your great ideas into reality and create the perfect web page to achieve your online goals and objectives successfully.

Online branding

Branding matters. Creating your online image is vital: a good domain name, an effective logo, right colours are all essential to ensure that your website visitors have a positive impact and feel your professionalism from the very first moment.


It is fundamental to show it online as well that guests will be in good hands with you: they can smoothly and easily find what they are looking for and their needs and requests are answered immediately. Join us in editing your website with our CMS system.


Web programming is the backbone of every web project so it needs to be optimized well. Our codes are guaranteed to be simple, clear and easily readable for search engines.

Website maintenance

Clients can send us texts, images and videos limitlessly. We upload, optimize and edit them, give alt tags, format in HTML to ensure that search engines and browsers love your content.

Web Hosting

Our customer service, systems and servers have been created to provide you with complete and easy assistance in domain registration, hosting, SSL certification…


Jankovich Kúria Wellness Hotel****

Avalon Resort & SPA

Shiraz Hotel****

Bambara Hotel****premium

Nádas Tó Park Hotel***

Balatonfői Yacht Club

We create and maintain memorable
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