Visual appeal plays a significant role in hotel industry as well, according to recent studies besides guest reviews, photos and videos are the most important determining factors as to whether or not a visitor book a room at your hotel. Travellers check the image gallery every time they visit hotel websites and what they find there has an enormous influence on their impressions.

Our research has proven that participants fixated (their eyes) most on images rather than any other information (hotel’s name, price, location, description, guest reviews, etc.) during the deliberation phase of the hotel choice process.

-- Cornell University

You need excellent solutions to present the exceptional atmosphere and services that are offered in your hotel: high-quality, high-resolution, wide-angle photos by professional photographers to amaze, inform and entertain visitors and make them want to stay there to build pre-travel anticipation that adds value to the hotel stay.

The case study showed that adding more higher quality photos to the hotel website resulted in a 136% increase in sales volume due to increased booking conversion.

-- Case Study By Brianna Wenner: What Effect Do Better Visuals Have on Booking Conversion?

Would you like to promote your hotel with unique, high-quality, authentic, astonishing photos and creative, artistic or humorous but always impressive videos? Room, food and image photos and short films that help your hotel to stand out from the crowd and attract bookers? Pieces of art that you can proudly use in social media, printed and online advertisements?

Mood photos, dynamic action pictures, short commercials or 90-minute-long documentaries?

Our team is prepared and ready to create awesome visual content to exceed your expectations