Consulting, training

Training and consulting

The goals in every case are

  • to motivate your staff and improve their knowledge and attitude
  • to identify, attract and keep ideal clientele
  • satisfied guests
  • optimal occupancy, revenue rise
  • effective hotel operation management

Professional training courses for hoteliers

Hotel Revenue & Yield Management

Hotel Revenue and Yield Management training for

General Managers, Sales Managers, reservation and front desk employees who want to know more about hotel revenue & yield management and online distribution. The program provides participants with practical techniques they will be able to apply immediately and easily: how to organize booking data in order to make better decisions on distribution strategies and to optimize sales.


– Basics and goal of Revenue and Yield Management
– Positioning, competitor monitoring and analysis
– Statistics (market segmentation, distribution channels, partners, rate code, room type, nationality)
– Anticipating market demand: demand calendar, day types, revenue budget, pick-up analysis, PACE-analysis
– Pricing techniques (public and contracted, surcharges, sales conditions)
– Online distribution strategy
– The connection of Revenue Management with hotel sales and marketing departments
– The softwares of a Revenue Manager

Hotel E-commerce (Online marketing and online sales)

Hotel E-commerce training for:

General Managers, Business Managers, executives and colleagues working in the field of hospitality online distribution who want to receive more and more online reservations with the most effective marketing tools. The program lays special emphasis on the technical and functional issues of hotel websites and search engine optimization.


– Understanding online travel purchase habits
– Online marketing and sales process (inspiration – information search, evaluation of alternatives – decision and booking)
– The role and clever use of social media in hospitality industry
– How to manage effective e-DM campaigns
– How to use Google tools
– The role of the hotel’s own website and how to increase direct online sales
– The role of OTAs (online travel agents) and how to manage an effective hotel-OTA relationship
– Online guest satisfaction management
– Trends: mobile devices, meta search pages, multi-platform analytics, conversion tracking

Hotel MICE Sales Techniques

Hotel MICE Sales Techniques training for

General Managers involved in sales, Sales Executives and colleagues, Conference Centre and Pension Managers who want to revise and broaden their MICE skills and competencies and get fresh inspiration on how to stand apart from the competition.


– Hotel sales basics
– Reactive sales techniques (qualification, proposal, follow-up, negotiation, sales closing)
– Proactive sales techniques (target groups, new client resources, personal meetings)
– Effective after-sales techniques

Hotel Reservation Telephone Techniques

Hotel Reservation Telephone Techniques training for

For Reservation Managers and staff, Receptionists, Night Receptionists who daily deal with guest telephone requests and reservations to acquire how to have more sales-oriented communication with guests on the phone.


– Rules of telephone communication
– Needs of the hotel’s target group, personalized introduction of the hotel and proposal
– 12 steps of managing requests and bookings over the phone
– Upselling techniques (higher room category, more expensive package)
– How to deal with undecided guests
– Practising the technique

Room Type Upselling Techniques for Receptionists

Room Type Upselling Techniques training for

Hotels where there is an adequate number of higher category rooms available beyond standard rooms. This program provides Reservation Agents and guest relation employees with techniques that help to identify signs of upselling potential in guests during booking and/or check-in and with communication methods for getting and keeping guests interested. The training also includes a recommendation of a well-functioning, easy-to-follow incentive program implementation that significantly increases your reservation staff’s efficiency.


– Calculating potential upselling revenue
– Advantages of different room types
– Guest types and their needs regarding room types
– Appropriate room type surcharge
– Upselling communication step by step
– Reassurance techniques
– How to document upselling
– Practising upselling techniques

Guest Communication and Complaint Management

Guest Communication and Complaint Management training for

Front office management and staff (Receptionist and Waiters, Waitresses) who interact with guests during their daily work. This program revises personal, telephone and email communication rules and provides professional guest communication and complaint management techniques demonstrated by practical examples.


– Guest communication basics
– Guest typology and guest expectations
– Communication rules of different channels (personal, telephone and email)
– Complaint management methodology
– Offering alternatives
– Role-playing real life situations

Our Expert, Ákos Gyenes

Ákos worked for more than 10 years at Accor Hospitality, in Hungary and in England, in 3, 4 and 5-star hotels, gained experience in the fields of operations and revenue management as well. He moved up the career ladder from working as a Receptionist, and later as a Director of Revenue Management to the highest position. Being always motivated to learn from the best, he completed a number of international training courses on the topics listed above.
He also experienced the world of private hotels first as a General Manager, and for the last couple of years as a Consultant and Trainer. Besides helping many popular rural hotels as an outside expert on a regular basis, he holds training courses for 30 clients 80 days per year. In addition, he manages his own business, the NetHotelBooking Ltd., and develops RESnWEB online hotel booking engine with his team of professionals and IT experts.
Although Ákos’ experience guarantees the content of the seminars, consulting and training are not magic pills. To gain success and reach your goals, we offer our professional background knowledge and expertise; however, the bigger part of the project depends on your determination to leverage the tools and solutions you get.

Tangible results

Would you like to motivate your colleagues, increase revenue and have satisfied guests?