Hoteliers, Dare to Explore Google Analytics!

Although Google Analytics is undeniably one of the best known online analytics applications that is widely used all over the world, most people get overwhelmed by the quantity of data and the extremely wide range of possibilities and leave it. Still, it is necessary for any person who sells online to know their web page visitors, where they come from, what they are interested in, etc. because if you have a deep understanding of your audience then you are able to customize your products, services and optimize your marketing strategy. And as knowledge is power, you can turn more visitors into customers if you can offer and provide them exactly what they are looking and longing for. Analytics can be your useful ally if you have your goals set and know what issues you want to examine. Checking only 2-3 reports can already help you to come up with amazing strategies and new, constructive ideas and hence increase your revenue. But why exactly should hotels use GA? At Tips, you can find ideas expressly for hoteliers.

Analysis Tools

You can analyze data in depth and detail with standard and custom reports as well, and with data visualization findings become easy to read, understand and share making the business objectives and tasks crystal clear and accessible for every colleague.

Content Analytics

You can have full awareness of customer experience: who, when, from where (geographically and on the web) visit your website, how long they stay, how frequently they return and how often they generate conversion. You can also see which parts of your website performing well. Tip #1: You can keep track of your customer’s journey on your website and optimize its structure accentuating the most popular pages (for instance display your offers for families, for couples and for business travellers on the home page so they do not need to search far and wide for it) and presenting more appealing contents, which shortens the road to reservation. Content analysis helps you to create an even more enjoyable site giving its visitors a hint of your warm hospitality they will experience in your hotel.

Social reports

We all know (or at least suspect) that social media are becoming more and more influential these days, therefore, it is vital to measure the success of social interactions and their effect on your business goals. You can learn about people engaging actively with your brand, see where your contents are shared and the total number and value of conversions and assisted conversions your site has received. Tip #2: Examine which social platforms bring you the most bookers and concentrate on those that drive more revenue. Reports on shares, likes etc. give you useful insights into your audience so you can offer even more personalized deals, packages and target ads better.

Mobile Analytics

It is crucial to develop a responsive website, as mobile web traffic and mobile bookings are increasing, and you also need to be aware of how your web page performs across various devices (smartphones, tablets etc.) Meaningful reports on mobile traffic enable you to be there when it counts and offer the right message at the right time for the right target group with segmented and/or comprehensive marketing campaigns. Tip #3: One of the key figures to watch is which mobile devices are used the most frequently to visit your website and it is advisable to check if your website has an ideal mobile experience. If not create a design that presents your hotel and its services in the most attractive way and prevents your images and information from being displayed poorly.

Conversion Analysis

You can gain insights into the correlation between the number of visitors and page views, examine your online marketing channels’ efficiency and effectiveness in attracting website guests and generating conversion. You can survey sales and customers’ entire path to purchase (and not the last steps only), for example searches, views, social media and newsletters’ performance, etc, to be able to start even more revenue generating marketing campaigns. Tip #4: You can check for instance which channel brings the most bookers and/or visitors who request for proposals. E-commerce reports quantify the sources of revenue, you can identify the principal ones and define your most profitable room types, packages, services. You can have a complete picture by analyzing multi-channel reports that show how your marketing channels (sources of traffic to your website) work together to create conversion and sales. In this way, you can see how many times and through which channels converting lookers visited your website and understand the role of “assisting” channels.

As Google Analytics offers endless possibilities and has limitless potential you can add almost anything to the options and ideas above. If you devote some time and energy (don’t believe rumours, a reasonable amount of both is enough) to learn how to use this vital tool and you are ready to ask for professional help in some cases then GA is going to provide you valuable and substantial assistance. According to our colleague, Mr Ákos Gyenes, analytics is like the patient’s temperature chart on their hospital bed, it is crucial for complete recovery, neglecting it results in random shots. You will experience that using analytics helps to see clearly where to focus your attention (saving time and energy), optimize online presence and grow revenue.

We would like to give our clients all the help with Google Analytics settings so they can accurately track and see their revenue, sources, and exciting conversions generated through RESnWEB. A detailed technical manual written by the Google Analytics Certified Partner JabJab’s experts is available in Hungarian for free for our partners at RESnWEB’s customer service.

Source: Google